November 20, 2012

Make a small wooden board with old planks

Make a small board with planks, RummageinthegarageMy first intention was to buy a wooden board to make the stool seat, but finally I made a small one with some old planks I found in my shop. 
You can see in the video that the method I use to make it is not very fine, and I had no idea how it will look when finished, but to tell the truth I am very happy with the final result despite we can see the glue between the planks if we pay attention to the joints. Furthermore I am happy because I could use my wooden clamps for the first time and I think they do the job (but with the help of my typical metal clamps). I am sure I will use them a lot and  maybe I´ll make some more.

November 07, 2012

How to make a stool with back

Stool before painting,
The materials we need to make the stool are a couple of 40x40 millimeters wooden bars, a couple of 30x40 millimeters wooden bars and a piece of wood board. If we had to make it with a hand saw and a chisel it would probably take a lot of time and some headache if we are not skilled making mortise and tenon joints. But with my mortise and tenon router jigs I can route all the wood joints very fast, and still be accurate.

October 08, 2012

Circular saw guide

How to make a very simple and useful circular saw jig.
This guide is very easy to make and it is very useful to cut boards with the circular saw. We just need a 4 or 5 millimeters thick marquetry sheet and a 10x15 millimeters strip. I use a marquetry sheet because if I use a 10 millimeters thick plywood, the maximum depth I could cut wouldn´t be enough to cut the 40 milimeters thick wooden bars I use to make my pieces of furniture. Even so if the wooden bars were a couple of millimeters thicker I couldn´t cut them with my circular saw. Anyway we can always cut half the way, turn the wooden bar 180º and complete the cut (we´ll probably need to sand a small step between both cuts). I didn´t want to complicate myself turning the wooden bars so being careful I could make precise cuts.

This guide is very easy to make, so I don´t have plans. I hope the video will be enough.

September 19, 2012

Wooden clamps

SketchUp wooden clamp, rumageinthegarageI am sure you had read in some other blog "one can never have enough clamps". When you don´t have all the clamps you would like, the truth is that sometimes one have to glue the pieces of furniture in stages. When I watch professional woodworkers (and not that professional woodworkers) videos, always catches my attention all the amount of all size clamps they have hanging on the wall (and how they are arranged).

September 12, 2012

Sharpenig chisels

Chisels sharpening kit,  rumageinthegarageIn the best case we haven´t used them for anything apart from what they were design for. We buy them, we use them, we store them improperly and we don´t remember them until we need them again (well, that´s what I do).

August 29, 2012

Christmas table centerpiece 2011

Table centerpiece, rumageinthegarage
Christmas is coming, without any prior warning (ha!). Because this is a DIY blog (at least partly), it is time to make an adornment matching this time (¿in August?, well, I made this last December for the Spanish version of this blog).

August 24, 2012

Halloween 2011 (Samhain 2011)

Jack O´Lantern, Samain, Samhain, Halloween pumpkin, rumageinthegarageJack O´Lantern, Samain, Samhain, Halloween pumpkin, rumageinthegarageI´ve been a month and a half waiting for Samhain time to carve the pumpkins I grew in my vegetable garden in Casa Lodeiro.
Carving and transform the pumpkins into Jack O´Lanterns is really fun, but it is a bit annoying to ruin them like that because cooked in the oven, in pumpkin cream or in marmalade they are very tasty. Well, luckily I have more pumpkins to cook. In the video I carve one of those Jack O´Lanterns.

August 23, 2012

Router tenon and mortise jigs

How to route a mortise and tenon joint,
With these jigs we can make tenon and mortise joints easy and fast. Besides once the jigs are adjusted we´ll make the joints with the minimum effort because we don´t need neither mark the tenons shape in the wooden bar heads to cut them later with hand saw nor mark the mortises shape to carve them later with the chisel.

August 19, 2012

Circular saw cross cut jig

Circular saw cross cut jig,
In this first project we will make a cross cut jig to cut strips and boards with the circular saw. It is a jig that will help us to make perfect 90º cuts without problems (we can cut at a diferent angle too) and to cut pieces to the same length fast and easy. In the pictures you can see the jig and a cutting diagram.