October 08, 2012

Circular saw guide

How to make a very simple and useful circular saw jig. www.woodworking.enredandonogaraxe.com
This guide is very easy to make and it is very useful to cut boards with the circular saw. We just need a 4 or 5 millimeters thick marquetry sheet and a 10x15 millimeters strip. I use a marquetry sheet because if I use a 10 millimeters thick plywood, the maximum depth I could cut wouldn´t be enough to cut the 40 milimeters thick wooden bars I use to make my pieces of furniture. Even so if the wooden bars were a couple of millimeters thicker I couldn´t cut them with my circular saw. Anyway we can always cut half the way, turn the wooden bar 180º and complete the cut (we´ll probably need to sand a small step between both cuts). I didn´t want to complicate myself turning the wooden bars so being careful I could make precise cuts.

This guide is very easy to make, so I don´t have plans. I hope the video will be enough.