November 20, 2012

Make a small wooden board with old planks

Make a small board with planks, RummageinthegarageMy first intention was to buy a wooden board to make the stool seat, but finally I made a small one with some old planks I found in my shop. 
You can see in the video that the method I use to make it is not very fine, and I had no idea how it will look when finished, but to tell the truth I am very happy with the final result despite we can see the glue between the planks if we pay attention to the joints. Furthermore I am happy because I could use my wooden clamps for the first time and I think they do the job (but with the help of my typical metal clamps). I am sure I will use them a lot and  maybe I´ll make some more.

November 07, 2012

How to make a stool with back

Stool before painting,
The materials we need to make the stool are a couple of 40x40 millimeters wooden bars, a couple of 30x40 millimeters wooden bars and a piece of wood board. If we had to make it with a hand saw and a chisel it would probably take a lot of time and some headache if we are not skilled making mortise and tenon joints. But with my mortise and tenon router jigs I can route all the wood joints very fast, and still be accurate.