March 31, 2013

How to make a router table

Router lift attached to the router table, rummageinthegarage
May be this is not enough for a professional carpenter, but as a woodworker with a garage shop, a router table to make my projects and to improve the possibilities of my small shop is something I long wished. Next is to make the fence, but I´ll show you that in another post. You can go to Woodworking tag to see how I made a double sliding fence.

March 23, 2013

How to make a router lift for a plunge router

Home made router lift for plunge router, rummageinthegarage
When we buy our first router and we use it for the first time, we discover all the possibilities it has and we realize it is a tool that will take our shop to the next level. After searching  for more information in Internet and YouTube we know that the next we need is a router table. That will really increase the possibilities of our shop. But when we see the prices we realize that a router table will cost even more than the router itself and some of us can´t afford it. I doesn´t matter at all!, we just need a simple table, a piece of board and four screws to make a home made router table. But now it happens that it is very difficult to regulate the height of the router bits. And a router lift is usually very expensive, too, and I am not sure they can be attached to a plunge router easily.