May 29, 2013

Homemade jointer

How to make a planer with your electric hand planer,
Probably you already now that I don´t like  my electric hand jointer at all. I don´t think it is safe and easy to joint wood with it. For me it is very difficult to flatten any piece of wood with it and I feel I would need a lot of practice to avoid cutting too much in some parts of my working piece, mainly in the head of the board.

How the electric planer looks attached to the plywood board from below the table, enredandonogaraxe.comSome people asked me how to attach it to a board, so I tried to work out how to do it. Truth is it wasn´t very difficult to attach it to a plywood board and for me the final result is great. It is very easy to joint wood with it (I never had used a jointer before). But keep fingers and clothes away from the blades!. This small machine won´t give you a second chance. I think I win a very good tool to use in my shop. Well, actually I win two great tools, because we can use this as a planer to adjust the thickness of our planks and slats. Yes, this is a cheap planer anyone can make.

Planer blades must touch the board,
How to make a homemade jointer and planer, enredandonogaraxe.comWe need to make a hole in the board so that the blades and the metallic surface touch the plywood board. With a wooden block we must adjust the metallic base so that it is at a 90 degrees angle with the board. After all the work, it was easier than I thought It would be. It is just a question of being careful so that we don´t make a hole bigger than needed.  The best way to make it is to rasp a bit the board and check the position. And the keep doing that until we have a perfect fit. Be patience and work calmly. You don´t need to carve the wooden block under the handle if you don´t want, just adapt it to the handle to adjust the position of the planer.

As you can see in the video, we adjust the wooden blocks so that the trigger will be always on, so it is very important to use it with a safety switch. I use the one I use with my homemade table saw.