November 26, 2013

Easy to make miter saw station

Miter saw station, rummage in the garage
Some months ago I bought a Parkside miter saw in Lidl supermarket and I must say I am quite happy with it (I can´t say the same about the Parkside electric stapler which is continuously blocking). I still need to adjust it and, but the most important was to prepare a place or make some kind of station to put it and use it. So far I always had to free some space on a table to use it, and after I use it my shop was a mess with all the sawdust it generates. It is easy to move this machine from here to there, but the best option is to have a permanent place for it.

November 19, 2013

How to easy cut a dovetail joint, both tails and pins, in the homemade router table

How to route dovetail joints with a router table,
After my first experiment and mistakes cutting a dovetail joint, I  cut the tails in hardwood with my homemade router table. As you can see in the pictures I got a more than satisfactory result, with clean cuts. This is a joint that it is usual to find in quality pieces of furniture with quality wood, and it is senseless to make all the work needed to cut this joint using a very low quality wood.