December 03, 2013

Homemade planer

Homemade jointer, rummageinthegarage

I am surprised with this small electric hand planer. I told you in the post homemade jointer that I had made peace with it now that I can use it as a jointer. But now that I can use it as a planer ... well, now I love it (nearly) as much as I love my routers. I´ve been sometime thinking where to "find" 300€ to buy a cheap planer, but with this mounting I can wait to buy one. With this homemade jointer I will save some money, because I can buy cheap wood in a local sawmill instead of buying more expensive wood, jointed (or even planed if I need it) in a DIY center. In addition, because we can give our wood the right dimmensions and a nice surface, we will save a lot of sanding time.