October 29, 2014

Making a wooden tray

How to make a wooden cake tray. Rummageinthegarage
In this post Lluis shows us how he made a wooden tray for his wedding cake.
En esta entrada Lluis nos muestra cómo hizo una bandeja de madera para la tarta de su boda.

October 08, 2014

How to make a wooden ring out of shavings

Wooden ring. Rummageinthegarage
In this article Lluis shows us how to make a wooden ring.
En este artículo Lluis nos enseña cómo hacer un anillo de madera.

August 22, 2014

Routing the back panel rabbet and glass retention strips

Routing a rabbet to install the back panel of the display cabinet. Rummageinthegarage
It would be very easy to use the router table to route the back panel rabbet, but I am trying to make this cabinet without using the router table. I couldn´t avoid the use of the table saw, but it is easier to make a homemade table saw than a homemade router table.

June 12, 2014

Barrister door without hinges

Barrister door. Rummageinthegarage
After I made all the cabinet parts it is time to install some kind of opening system for the door, and because this door is more long than tall I must decide whether to open it upwards or downwards. The first time I made a display cabinet like this I thought it would be a shame to use some kind of hinge which could ruin the look of the cabinet, or in the other hand a hinge that could steal the attention from the cabinet. Besides that, because this is a small glass cabinet to hang in the wall I din´t want the door to open downwards and let it in horizontal with some chain. That would make it difficult to accede to the shelves. And if it opens upwards It would need some voluminous hinge like a compass hinge or some kind of hinge to keep it open.

May 30, 2014

Drill lathe kit

Cheap drill lathe kit. Rummageinthegarage
The truth is I´ve never been really interested in having a lathe to turn pieces of wood, but it is also true that I like to watch woodturners working with it, mainly when I have one working right in front of me, with all the shavings jumping everywhere. And the pieces of furniture with lots of turnings is something I don´t like too much, neither.

May 09, 2014

Circular saw spline miter jig

Spline miter joint. Rummageinthegarage
After the fail when I tried to reinforce with dowels the miter joints in the corners of this cabinet door, I thought I could try to cut grooves in the corners to glue some splines to reinforce those 45 degree joints.

April 24, 2014

How to make the glass cabinet door

How to make the door for this glass cabinet. Rummageinthegarage
I slowly continue with the fabrication of this small glass cabinet to exhibit my lead knights collection. Now is the moment to make the door (or the window), and I will use my circular saw miter jig and some of the techniques I used to make the sides of this cabinet.

April 02, 2014

Instaling the crown molding and routing moulding in the cabinet base

How to make a cabinet. Base, top and display cabinet crown molding. Rummageinthegarage
One of the details that distinguish classic cabinets is their typical crown molding. May be I shouldn´t dare to say such a comparison with this small piece of furniture, mainly because when we say piece of furniture plus classic, we always think of a craftsman work, but that is the look I was looking for this cabinet, so you can see it is possible to make things like this with small and cheap electric tools, those one buys to use in DIY projects. You won´t need much more than a skill saw, a router and some woodworking tips.

March 11, 2014

How to route a moulding in the sides and the glass rabbet

I used some cheap metal clamps while the carpenters glue dries. Rummageinthegarage
I already made the small cabinet sides, but just like that, it was a bit boring piece of furniture. I know some glass cabinets are really nice with all their surfaces smooth, and square corners and edges, but in this case a molding all around the glass will make a big difference, and when we see we can do things like that, that is something for what one decides to buy a router.

To cut the molding I will use an ogee router bit from a very cheap router bit set. That kind of router bits have a small bearing which helps to guide the router when it rolls against the strips from which the sides are made. This bit has an S-shaped edge with a vertical edge on top of that S.  Don´t get a wrong router bit like the round over router bit. As I mention before, you can find both in a cheap set, and sometimes that set is for free when we buy a brand new plunge router.

March 01, 2014

Small display cabinet. How to make sides frame

Display cabinet sides frame. Rummageinthegarage
Some years ago I made a display cabinet to hang on the wall and show my lead knight collection. For long time, all those knights, armed to the teeth, had been crying out for a piece of furniture to be displayed. In that time I cut the tenon by hand with a tenon saw, and used a drill and a chisel to cut the mortises. The result was some ugly tenons and mortises, but I have "nothing to worry about" because once they were joined nobody can see them. Well, the truth is that luckily the glue filled all the gaps and so far I couldn´t see any sign of fail.

February 21, 2014

How to make a workbench frame

Materials to make the workbench frame. Rummageinthegarage

One thing that it is important to build in the woodworking shop is a table frame to use as a workbench or to attach some electric tools to the top of the table. In my case, I want one to make a homemade table saw from a skill saw and a router table from a plunge router, both in the same table.

February 10, 2014

Table saw lift. Homemade fabrication

Homemade table saw lift. RummageinthegarageThis is my third homemade table saw and I am quite sure it won´t be my last one. But because I will use this one for some time, I needed to install some kind of disc lift. I´ve been thinking about a system with a rope (I even made some test) with witch I could tilt the saw, too, but finally I decided to use this system because to me it is easier to reuse the lift I had made when I used an old chop saw arm as a table saw.

January 30, 2014

DIY a flower pot tower

Flower pot tower. rummageinthegarage
I can remember I said last year (well, this is what I say in my blog in Spanish) I was going to make something with a treated lumber post, some pots and the wire I had bought. After I delayed this for more than a year, finally I decided to make this flower pot tower.

January 17, 2014

Double sliding fence for router table and table saw

Homemade sliding fence for both router table and table saw. Rummageinthegarage
Now that I have my router table and my table saw, I just need a fence to work comfortably. Now I almost look like a real woodworker with my homemade woodworking combination machine. Clamping a wooden bar to use it like a fence is neither comfortable nor precise.