February 21, 2014

How to make a workbench frame

Materials to make the workbench frame. Rummageinthegarage

One thing that it is important to build in the woodworking shop is a table frame to use as a workbench or to attach some electric tools to the top of the table. In my case, I want one to make a homemade table saw from a skill saw and a router table from a plunge router, both in the same table.

February 10, 2014

Table saw lift. Homemade fabrication

Homemade table saw lift. RummageinthegarageThis is my third homemade table saw and I am quite sure it won´t be my last one. But because I will use this one for some time, I needed to install some kind of disc lift. I´ve been thinking about a system with a rope (I even made some test) with witch I could tilt the saw, too, but finally I decided to use this system because to me it is easier to reuse the lift I had made when I used an old chop saw arm as a table saw.