March 11, 2014

How to route a moulding in the sides and the glass rabbet

I used some cheap metal clamps while the carpenters glue dries. Rummageinthegarage
I already made the small cabinet sides, but just like that, it was a bit boring piece of furniture. I know some glass cabinets are really nice with all their surfaces smooth, and square corners and edges, but in this case a molding all around the glass will make a big difference, and when we see we can do things like that, that is something for what one decides to buy a router.

To cut the molding I will use an ogee router bit from a very cheap router bit set. That kind of router bits have a small bearing which helps to guide the router when it rolls against the strips from which the sides are made. This bit has an S-shaped edge with a vertical edge on top of that S.  Don´t get a wrong router bit like the round over router bit. As I mention before, you can find both in a cheap set, and sometimes that set is for free when we buy a brand new plunge router.

March 01, 2014

Small display cabinet. How to make sides frame

Display cabinet sides frame. Rummageinthegarage
Some years ago I made a display cabinet to hang on the wall and show my lead knight collection. For long time, all those knights, armed to the teeth, had been crying out for a piece of furniture to be displayed. In that time I cut the tenon by hand with a tenon saw, and used a drill and a chisel to cut the mortises. The result was some ugly tenons and mortises, but I have "nothing to worry about" because once they were joined nobody can see them. Well, the truth is that luckily the glue filled all the gaps and so far I couldn´t see any sign of fail.