April 24, 2014

How to make the glass cabinet door

How to make the door for this glass cabinet. Rummageinthegarage
I slowly continue with the fabrication of this small glass cabinet to exhibit my lead knights collection. Now is the moment to make the door (or the window), and I will use my circular saw miter jig and some of the techniques I used to make the sides of this cabinet.

April 02, 2014

Instaling the crown molding and routing moulding in the cabinet base

How to make a cabinet. Base, top and display cabinet crown molding. Rummageinthegarage
One of the details that distinguish classic cabinets is their typical crown molding. May be I shouldn´t dare to say such a comparison with this small piece of furniture, mainly because when we say piece of furniture plus classic, we always think of a craftsman work, but that is the look I was looking for this cabinet, so you can see it is possible to make things like this with small and cheap electric tools, those one buys to use in DIY projects. You won´t need much more than a skill saw, a router and some woodworking tips.