June 12, 2014

Barrister door without hinges

Barrister door. Rummageinthegarage
After I made all the cabinet parts it is time to install some kind of opening system for the door, and because this door is more long than tall I must decide whether to open it upwards or downwards. The first time I made a display cabinet like this I thought it would be a shame to use some kind of hinge which could ruin the look of the cabinet, or in the other hand a hinge that could steal the attention from the cabinet. Besides that, because this is a small glass cabinet to hang in the wall I din´t want the door to open downwards and let it in horizontal with some chain. That would make it difficult to accede to the shelves. And if it opens upwards It would need some voluminous hinge like a compass hinge or some kind of hinge to keep it open.