August 27, 2015

How to fix and improve cheap bar clamps

Simple trick to fix cheap clamps.
When I go to the DIY center I always buy a couple of these very cheap bar clamps, so now I have a lot of them. These clamps are so cheap that one may wonder if they are worth what they cost. I would buy high quality clamps if I could afford them, but for the moment I always used these in my woodworking projects. The only problem I always had is that these clamps can leave a big mark in the workpiece if I don´t use some blocks to protect the wood.

August 20, 2015

Making a table saw with a miter saw arm

Workbench frame to make the table saw.
To make this table saw I attach it to the workbench frame I made some time ago. When I made my first table saw I used a 750W Bosh circular saw, but it has not enough power to cut with ease lumber that is more than 2.5cm thick.