August 20, 2015

Making a table saw with a miter saw arm

Workbench frame to make the table saw.
To make this table saw I attach it to the workbench frame I made some time ago. When I made my first table saw I used a 750W Bosh circular saw, but it has not enough power to cut with ease lumber that is more than 2.5cm thick.

The table of my old miter saw. www.woodworking.enredandonogaraxe.comMaking a table saw with a miter saw arm. www.woodworking.enredandonogaraxe.comSome time ago I bought a new miter saw, so I can dismantle my old miter saw and try to make another table saw with it. When I made a previous test I realized that it is obvious that this 1200W saw can cut much more than 3cm with ease. But the truth is that in my circular saw I have installed a blade that makes nice and clean cuts, and may be it was not suitable to make fast cuts in a table saw.

Table saw lift system.
Miter saw arm and lift system. www.woodworking.enredandonogaraxe.comThe table saw lift works nice, but I need to turn the crank 130 times to move the saw disc from the top position to the bottom. But I can be very precise when I adjust the blade position. Furthermore,  the saw stays in the position I move it to, and I do not need any system to block it. I thought I should use something to clamp the sled that is connected to the crank, but when I use the table saw the sled stays motionless.

Homemade table saw lift crank.
But after some time using this table saw I decided to make another one with a new circular saw, because there is some problem with the miter saw, and the blade has a slight wobble that I could not fix.